Magna Wave PEMF reducing pain in laminitis horses

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Magna Wave Horse Hoof

How do you deal with laminitis? This is a very common question that is asked by horse owners around the country. Laminitis can be a scary situation and often is hard to manage and keep your horse comfortable during treatment. Magna Wave PEMF can greatly help with the reduction of inflammation, and increase the circulating blood to the hoof, as well as helping with pain. One of the many great things about the Magna Wave is that horses can be treated while laying down, as they are often not comfortable standing for long amounts of time. Horses suffering from this should definitely be seen by a vet and proper farrier, but along side those professionals Magna Wave treatments have proven to be a very positive addition to traditional treatments! In most cases managing pain while other medications are taking time to work is crucial for keeping patients happy and bright, Magna Wave can achieve this in a non-invasive way. Please help out your friends and contact me today to schedule an appointment! Packages can be custom made since these cases usually require many treatments!

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