Magna Wave PEMF can help to heal concussions

Concussions are very common in all ages of people throughout the world. Magna Wave PEMF can be very helpful in the recovery process of the brain and skull. Magna Wave helps to oxygenate the [...]


Magna Wave PEMF reducing pain in laminitis horses

How do you deal with laminitis? This is a very common question that is asked by horse owners around the country. Laminitis can be a scary situation and often is hard to manage and keep your horse [...]

Diesel’s Rattlesnake Bite – PEMF Recovery Testimonial

HORSE RATTLESNAKE BITE – PEMF RECOVERY TESTIMONIAL The first weekend in September 2017 Diesel was found, by his owner, with a severely swollen, right rear fetlock. Although there were no puncture [...]

Rehabilitating The Injured Horse

By Deb M. Eldredge, DVM When an active or performance horse gets injured, the diagnosis and treatment can vary dramatically from surgery to solely stall rest. However, one thing is certain: your [...]


Magna Wave PEMF ~ Fibromyalgia

Do you, or a loved one suffer from Fibromyalgia? Magna Wave PEMF may be able to help!! Magna Wave PEMF helps to reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body, can help with sleep issues, and [...]


Magna Wave PEMF Helping Navicular

Navicular disease is sadly a common problem for many breeds of horses and can often be career ending. Magna Wave PEMF can help to keep your four-legged companions and competition partners feeling [...]

How to keep horses and pets healthy in the winter with Magna Wave PEMF

  HOW TO KEEP HORSES AND PETS HEALTHY IN THE WINTER WITH MAGNA WAVE PEMF One of the main purposes of Magna Wave Wellness Webinars is to talk about integrative methods of treating and working [...]

Treating Pregnant Mares with PEMF Therapy

TREATING PREGNANT MARES WITH PEMF THERAPY Is it safe for practitioners to be treating pregnant mares with PEMF Therapy? That’s the question that was posed to Pat Ziemer, CEO of Magna Wave, [...]


Magna Wave Webinar with Alex Hassinger of LubriSyn

Alex Hassinger of LubriSynHA has trained two Breeder’s Cup champions and is now encouraging others to discover the wonders of Hyaluronic Acid and how it can help ease joint pain for people, pets [...]


Magna Wave Webinar Interview with Pilar Davila

Pat interviews Pilar Davila about her experience with PEMF technology. Cancer survivor Pilar Davila believes “prevention is a cure” when it comes to health and wellness. See how she uses the [...]

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